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Ian and Patty

Brown Sugar Consultancy and Development provides traditional and bespoke vision & products to the Travel sectors.

In Development, we strive to create products & packaging in tandem to find that 'something special' to set our customers apart from their competitors with modern food development coupled with innovative packaging solutions.

Whatever your vision or budget and whether you're providing for first class or economy class customers, we can help you provide a 'culinary solution' that gives you a distinctive edge. Our unique network of high quality rural food manufacturers enables us to offer wonderful food at competitive prices by avoiding inner city costs.

Through Consultancy, we offer a Professional & Personal Worldwide service for all sectors of the travel industry utilizing some of the best core personnel in the business!

We have worked on projects large and small, in varying areas of the travel industry and with our extensive experience we are certain that we can help you develop a great service experience for your customers.

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